The Irish–a mixed people

List I of Irish Peoples–from which you may descend if your ancestors were Scots-Irish

Ancient Irish–sons of Milesius, present in Ireland before Christianity came.

Old English–descended from the 1st Adventurers (those who funded the migration and settlement) who attended King John and King Henry II to Ireland when the kingdom was annexed to the Crown of England.  Included the Earl of Pembroke and Strigull and his retainers.

New English–came to Ireland because they were Roman Catholic at the time the change of religion occurred.

Anglo-Irish–born in Ireland of Old English stock settled in Ireland for generations.  They became the Confederate Catholics of Ireland.

Each of these groups were Roman Catholic by religion–a religion that became proscribed and illegal by law in their own land.  And they became a mixed people by reason of marriage alliances.  These unions linked not only the peoples in Ireland–they linked the Irish to England and Wales.  Some of the most powerful landed families in England and Wales were Roman Catholic.

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