Grandsons Day at The Genealogical Institute, Inc. and The Genealogy Library Center

Today is Jonathan’s birthday.  So I declared Grandsons Day at my shop.  The whole day.  And I can celebrate by doing what I do best–Scots-Irish genealogy.

I spent Monday at the University of Utah Library, arriving early and leaving late.  Monday was the first day of their Halloween Book Sale.  And I discovered the Indian book collection of Dan Edwards–each book had his name written in ink across the top.  Western, Southwestern, and Plains Indians.  This has been a gap in my own research library.  Since I do a lot of Southern States genealogy, I have quite a collection of books on the tribes who lived in the Southern States.  The same holds true for New York.  But information on tribes from the Mid-West and the West are sketchy.  So I bought his books from the sale.

Why are these books important for a blog on the Scots-Irish?

The Scots-Irish flowed out of the Southern States and from patches in New England and New York to the central United States.  As the frontier moved, so did they.  They were very compatible with the Indian life-style and the tribal clans they encountered.  Alliances and intermarriages among the peoples were frequent and lasting.

Many Native American lineages, even those you have claimed to be full-blood, include Scots-Irish ancestors. And this important fact may make your Indian background easier to find and trace.  Imagine an old Scottish chieftain with Native American grandsons!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  Watch for an Inventory of Indian/Native American titles to be posted on my website later this year.  My own books, augmented extensively by the collection of Afton Reintjes now in my library, and the books of Dan Edwards too.


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