Local Military Lists and your Scots-Irish Ancestors

Your Scots-Irish ancestors were militiamen on both sides of the Ocean.  Let’s look at two resources which describe these lists and where they are located:

  1. “The Augusta County Regiment,” Donegal Annual (#4, 1992):64-68.  Patricia Burton followed the militia records for the 12 companies of this Regiment, 1742.  Out of the 12 lists, 9 have survived as part of the Draper Manuscripts at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.  She notes that some 650-675 men were listed and that Augusta County extended all the way to the Mississippi River and the Michigan Upper Peninsula in 1742.  Add the Donegal Annual to your Summer reading list–all the issues you can find.  Ms Burton has other articles on Augusta County men and their records.  You see, Augusta County Virginia had the largest concentration of Scots-Irish in the United States area!  If your ancestors are connected to these western valleys, you cannot escape having Scots-Irish.
  2. On the Irish side of the Ocean, consider this ebook from http://www.booksireland.org.uk   Men and Arms:  The Ulster Settlers, c. 1630-32 by R.J. Hunter.  The Ulster muster rolls cover 283 folio sheets, 13,147 males in 9 counties–names listed by landlord, and weapons carried.  Most are English and Scottish settlers.  And the names are annotated.  Compare these rolls with 1) the 1622 Commission Survey and 2) Depositions in the 1641 native rising.  The book includes extensive footnotes.  Ulster Historical Foundation (October 2012), ISBN 978-1-908448-94-1.  You can add this title to your Summer reading inexpensively and easily–on any electronic device you have.

Both titles are aimed at genealogists, the authors are historians.  Their publications of these records are fully documented–including locations so that you can find the originals if you wish to access them.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com

PS  Without these and other resources from the archives and collections identified, you cannot cross the Ocean with your Scots-Irish ancestors with any degree of certainty.


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