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SCOTS is published by the Scots Heritage Society, with locations in the UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America.  These last few days, I have been reading a run of this amazing magazine.  Historical and cultural focus on clans, castles, Highlands scenery, family history, and genealogy for the estimated 35 million people of Scots descent throughout the world. Available by subscription only, see 

Thanks to Shirley Weber and her collection of research, books, and back issues of periodicals donated recently to the Genealogy Library Center, Inc.,  let me share some references to  articles on family history and genealogy.  Then check with your nearest public or university/college library for these issues.  Check WorldCat for the nearest library to you that subscribes.  Or, order your own subscription to enjoy.

  1. Cory, Kathleen.  “Scot’s Genealogy,” #25.  Description of the integration of the General Register Office, the National Archives of Scotland, and the Court of the Lord Lyon [in preparation for the creation of Scotland’s People, the premier Scottish website for Scottish research.]
  2. Stannard, Bruce.  “Scottish Ancestral Trail,” #26.  Professional help in tracing Scottish emigrants back to their origins.  See
  3. Cromarty, Susan.  “Scots Genealogy,” #28.  Use of photographs and images.  See
  4. Wilton, Brian.  “Tartan’s Terrible Two,” #37.  Bogus tartans and genealogies with a descent from Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Rather, use Wilton’s TARTANS, published for the National Trust for Scotland by Aurum Press, London England.
    ISBN 10: 1 84513 098 7
  5. “Scotland’s People:  A New Genealogical Centre for Edinburgh,” #38.  Robin Orr Blair, the Lord Lyon of Scotland, describes this new resource, established in 2008.  And  announces the new Book of Scottish Connections which will record births, marriages, and deaths occurring outside of Scotland.  The Book will be maintained through the General Register Office and be available at ScotlandsPeople (end of 2007).

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS It is my belief that the more you know about the cultural heritage of your ancestors, the more readily you will be able to trace them.  SCOTS is a good place to start for Americans tracing Scottish background.   The Scottish element in American lineages is usually well blended with other British Isles and European backgrounds–most of us have a mix of 8 or more different lineages.

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