The Irish Sea–Seed-Bed of the Scots-Irish

Here at last the beginning of visual mastery of the Irish Sea.  These color maps do not include the eastern Irish counties also affected by the Irish  Sea environment.  Still looking for those counties in a map we can reproduce on this blog.


Many thanks to my webmaster for preparing the maps so that they could be enlarged by clicking on the above thumbnail itself*.  And many thanks to Jerry Kerkmeyer, of Orange County for locating a Herman Moll map from the 1750’s.  It could not be reproduced on this blog–so I am looking for a black and white version to share with you.  The details on these color maps will be quite helpful to use in connection with the Herman Moll map that is coming soon.  Your favorite genealogist, ArleneEakle 

* PS. Webmaster Kathryn here – when you click on it, your browser may “fit” it in the window. You can click again for a full size that you can scroll to read names.

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